Volume 110, Issue 1, January-April 2013

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Table of Contents


Editorial  | 
Asad R. Rahmani 1-2
Total views: 147


Lion and Cheetah in India: A Critique  | 
Divya Bhanu Sinh, M. K. Ranjitsinh 3-21
Total views: 494
Behavioural ethogram of the Great Indian Bustard Ardeotis nigriceps (Vigors) 1831  | 
Pramod Patil, Asad R. Rahmani, Sara Hallager 22-34
Total views: 802
Bird records from Tawang district, Arunachal Pradesh, India  | 
Gopinathan Maheswaran 35-49
Total views: 508
Diversity and distribution of acridid pests (Orthoptera: Acrididae) of Purvanchal region, Uttar Pradesh, India  | 
Uzma Rafi, Mohd. Kamil Usmani 50-56
Total views: 498
Floristic diversity of the Kunjapuri sacred grove, Garhwal Himalaya, India  | 
Megha Rawat, H. B. Vasistha, R. K. Manhas, Mridula Negi 57-64
Total views: 485

New Description

A new species of Notaspidiella Boucek (Hymenoptera: Chalcididaae) with a key to species and notes on known species  | 
T. C. Narendran, Abhilash Peter, K. Nikhil, Minu Mohan 65-70
Total views: 400

Miscellaneous Notes - Mammals

First photographic record of the Indian Mouse Deer Moschiola indica in Kanha Tiger Reserve, confirming its occurrence in central India  | 
Ujjwal Kumar, Neha Awasthi, Anup Pradhan, Qamar Qureshi, Y. V. Jhala 71-72
Total views: 401
Status of Irrawaddy Dolphin Orcaella brevirostris Gray, 1866 and Ganges River Dolphin Platanista gangetica Roxburgh, 1801 in the water channels of Sundarban Tiger Reserve, India  | 
Manas P. Manjrekar, Charles Leo Prabhu 72-74
Total views: 346

Miscellaneous Notes - Birds

Nesting of the White-rumped Vulture Gyps bengalensis in Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary, Madhya Pradesh, India  | 
Aditya Roy, Kartik Shastri 74-74
Total views: 397
Record of the Bridled Tern Sterna anaethetus in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India  | 
Yasser Rafique 75-75
Total views: 336
Record of Sooty Tern Sterna Fuscata in Pune, Maharashtra, India  | 
Vikram Potdar 75-75
Total views: 371
First record of the Blue and White Flycatcher Cyanoptila cyanomelana in India  | 
Pravin Kawale 75-76
Total views: 424
Sighting of Jerdon's Bushchat Saxicola jerdoni in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh, India  | 
Kaajal Dasgupta 76-77
Total views: 341
Second record of the Tricolored Munia Lonchura malacca from southern Rajasthan, India  | 
Chhaya Bhatnagar, Deependra Singh, Shekhawat, Vijay Kumar Koli 77-78
Total views: 389

Miscellaneous Notes - Amphibians

Catalogue of Salamander and Newt (Amphibia: Urodela/Caudata) specimens in the collection of the Zoological Survey of India  | 
Kaushik Deuti, P. G. S. Sethy 78-82
Total views: 351

Miscellaneous Notes - Fish

Sexual dimorphism in Hypselobarbus kurali (Pisces: Cyprinidae)  | 
E. Sherly Williams, J. Jean Jose, P. V. Vijayalakshmi, L. Razeena karim, M. S. Vishnu Nair 82-83
Total views: 404

Miscellaneous Notes - Other Invertebrates

Observation on a collection of Tawny Coster Acraea terpsicore (Pieridae: Lepidoptera) in the web of the Social Spider Stegodyphus sarasinorum (Eresidae: Araneae)  | 
Niyati S. Patel 83-84
Total views: 335
Heteropoda fischeri jager, 2005: A huntsman spider hunting on fellow cavernicoles in the caves of Meghalaya, India  | 
Jayant Biswas, Siddharth Biswas 84-85
Total views: 568

Miscellaneous Notes - Botany

A step further to the correct identification of Ceropegia bulbosa Roxb. in Kachchh, Gujarat, India  | 
A. R. Badheka, M. J. Parmar, Y. T. Jasrai 85-87
Total views: 424
An annual flowering population of Neelakurinji Strobilanthes kunthianus (Nees) T. Anders. – a plietesial species from the Nilgiri sholas, India  | 
Franklin Charles Jose 87-88
Total views: 368
Rediscovery of Cinnamomum travancoricum Gamble (Lauraceae) from the Southern Western Ghats, India  | 
M. P. Geetha Kumary, A. G. Pandurangan, E. S. Santosh Kumar 89-90
Total views: 430
Two new records of mosses for the Indian mainland from the Agasthyamalai Biosphere Reserve In the Western Ghats, India  | 
A. E. D. Daniels, J. L. Mabel 90-92
Total views: 332