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Yadav, S. R.

  • An extended distribution of Amorphophallus konkanensis Hett., S.R. Yadav & K.S. Patil with notes on its floral variations

      Avinash R. Gholave,   S. R. Yadav
    Volume 112, Issue 1, January-April 2015 - Botany

  • Cucumis dipsaceus Ehrenb. Ex Spach (Cucurbitaceae):A New Record for Karnataka, India

      Shrikant P. Sutar,   Tushar M. Dixit,   S. R. Yadav,   K. V. Bhat
    Volume 110, Issue 3, December 2013 - Miscellaneous Notes - Botany

  • Scleria multilacunosa T. Koyama and S. rugosa R. Br. (Cyperaceae): Additions to the Flora of Karnataka, India

      A. N. Chandore,   N. V. Malpure,   S. R. Yadav
    Volume 112, Issue 2, May-August 2015 - Botany